10 easy ways to make your Sydney backyard fun this summer!

10 easy ways to make your Sydney backyard fun this summer!

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1. Quick clean

It is a crucial time for tidying up and landscaping around the home so you can spend the rest of summer enjoying the fruits of your labour.

We suggest mowing lawns, trimming hedges, weeding and replanting colourful annuals in either pots or the garden.

For the exterior of your home, giving a quick wash down to the walls, driveway and deck, and sweeping and moping patios and balconies will freshen the feel of the whole house. This will also prevent you from tracking excess dirt back into the house.

This is also a great time to check your outdoor furniture. Give wicker chairs a good wipe down with a damp cloth and brush off your cushion covers. Remember, all Dickson Avenue cushions are covered in premium Sunbrella fabric so they only require a minimum level of maintenance. A soft bristle brush and mild solution of soap and water will lift any marks, then simply rinse with water and allow to air dry.

Once you have completed this deep clean, the rest of the summer is yours for relaxing!


2. Add Colour

Colour will make your outdoor spaces pop. Here are some effective ways to bring some colour into your outdoor living:

2.1 Potted and hanging plants

Hardware stores and garden centres are having their annual end of year sales so now is the best time for you to go and search for bargains.

Add instant colour to your patio with summer flowers in plastic or terracotta pots. Be confident to let the pot add a splash of colour as well as the plant itself.

Flowers that grow well in pots in summer include dahlias, echinacea and rudbeckia. A pot of bright red poinsettia on the main outdoor dining table will bring instant Christmas cheer to any space.  

2.2 Outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions are one of the most versatile design ideas for outdoor living.  They are weather-proof, durable and extremely pleasing to the eye.

They add colour, texture and depth to existing design themes. Out outdoor cushions come in a wide range of colours and tones so you will be spoilt for choice. To add texture, consider using a combination of materials and fabrics. Pair patterned fabrics with plain cushions. Mix and match bright colours with neutral shades of beige and cream.

Or, let your furniture brighten things up! Our rainbow range of Morbello Armchairs will add pop to any setting.


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2.3 Fresh cut flowers

Fresh flowers add instant and gorgeous colour to your outdoor areas. Invest in a range of vases, either glass or ceramic and fill them with delicate lilies and sturdy sunflowers.


3. Be Inspired

Take a leaf from your favourite celebrity’s home to create your own outdoor style. Before Meghan Markle married a prince and became a duchess, she used contemporary chic themes for her Toronto home. A small outdoor deck featured weathered timber and simple monochromatic patio furniture.

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Recreate the Duchess’ style with a clever mix of wood and wicker patio furniture and a set of outdoor cushions in a vertical print.  

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4. Introduce Interesting Elements

Do not be afraid to introduce new elements into your outdoor furniture setting. A large wooden bowl of fruit next to your swimming pool lounge adds a refreshing and resort like feel. Look at your existing design themes and for structural elements that can add depth or colour to your existing furnishings.

Some suggestions include candleholders, mirrors, baskets and teak dividers.


5. Add Light

Lighting creates ambience and extends the hours you can enjoy your outdoor area. Install fairy lights or paper lanterns on tree branches to generate light and warmth. Or, bring light and sound together with one of our JinGoo Birdcage Speakers that provides an ambient light source, for added atmosphere indoors or out.

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6. Expand Outdoor Living Spaces

Make sure you have enough seating outdoors to maximise your outdoor living lifestyle. You can easily add to existing outdoor furniture by acquiring some individual outdoor chairs. Go for natural teak or wicker for an elegant and chic look and reclaim every corner of your property in the process.

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7. Dine Out Of Doors 

Summer is the time for BBQs, potluck dinners, Sunday brunches, and impromptu tea parties.  Make sure you have the right outdoor furniture set to entertain family and friends this summer.


8. Bring The Outside In

Who says outdoor furniture is only meant for the exterior of your home? Outdoor furniture has extremely versatile design elements that will look just as good inside your home as it does on your patio or balcony.

If you have an unused space indoors, a small outdoor set will immediately create a new nook for the family. Outdoor furniture is also extremely durable and can withstand the meals and high-traffic use of a busy family.


9. Create A Relaxation Space

Summer is all about R&R so make sure you have a special outdoor area for a pure chill.

An all-weather Lousanna Day Bed is the perfect place to read a book, check your social feed or chat online with friends. Accessorise your new space with a matching Lisa side table or a low Nordic coffee table.


10. Enjoy

Our final suggestion for a fun Sydney summer is to simply enjoy your outdoor living area. Cheers!  

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