Cromer Golf Club

Cromer Golf Club is home to an 18-hole course with the closely manicured greens and unforgiving sandy bunkers every golfer dreams of. Set on the shores of Narrabeen Lagoon and adjacent to the Gadigal National Park, The Club is also a lovely sanctuary to wildlife, a refuge of both water and bush land. Off the course, Cromer Golf Club houses private function facilities and it was here they called a first meeting with Dickson Avenue. 

In a room ringed with expansive windows, staff described their routine to frequently reset the furniture configuration, accomodating roaming canapés one day followed by seated dinners the next. They sought an upgrade to the furnishings while maintaining a traditional aesthetic that would be familiar to their patrons. We noted an opportunity to add light to the room, introducing tones found in the outdoor environment to indoor areas.

On our subsequent visit to The Club, we brought along several chairs, offering an in-house trial of a variety of looks and seat heights to place aside existing tabling, which the management wished to retain. After considering many options, it was the Aleppo Armchair that gave a real lift to the space and drew the eye upward, through the windows and outdoors.

While the hazards of the course remain familiar to Cromer Golf Club’s members, the furnishings have now been updated to everyone’s great pleasure.

Furniture supplied:

Charlotte Armchair


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