Lucchetti Case Study

Perched on a hill, eye level with the treetops and ocean beyond—enter a warm, light-filled indoor sanctuary. Having newly renovated a dining and living area with tongue and groove hardwood floors drenched in a glow from east facing windows, our client wanted to further compliment their unrivalled views with finely crafted furniture. 

After browsing the many designs on offer in our showroom, our client favoured the blonde tones and weighty presence of the Pandino 2.5 Seater. Using the Dutch Colonial influenced sofa with fine carving as our inspiration, we offered to extrapolate the look into a full living and dining set. With a large family to seat and a focus on entertaining, our client requested that two dining tables be designed to place end to end, welcoming up to eighteen guests at a lengthy span of glass topped tabling that would anchor the room. We also custom designed and hand crafted a dining console with four drawers and ample shelving for serving ware.

The Pandino 2.5 Seater was perfectly suited to an open plan living space by turning its decorative back to the loosely defined dining area and creating a separate zone for relaxing after a meal. Ornamental rattan panels augment the designs, placed atop each table, on the front of the console and along the back of the Pandino Lounge Chair, keeping the look cohesive and well matched.

Only furniture as fine as the resulting Pandino Collection can make an open space feel flowing and harmonious, never detracting from the lush lawns and commanding water views. Most importantly, our client has had many successful meals in the space, with guests commenting on the intimate nature of the open planned home.

Pandino Lounge Chair

Pandino 2.5 Lounge

Pandino Coffee Table


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