Why Teak Furniture?

Teak wood is a superior hardwood that has a high oil content. Teak withstands moisture, repels insects such as termites, and can be left unfinished and unprotected. Due to these properties, teak is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to luxury outdoor furniture.
Know the Difference—Teak Furniture in Sydney
There are three different grades of teak: grade A, B, and C.

Grade A
Grade A is the highest quality of the teak woods. It is defined as the timber that is removed from the heartwood (the centre of the log) of a fully mature tree.

This timber is a warm honey colour with a close grain and very few knots. The wood’s texture is more uniform and it is rich in the natural oils that protect the teak wood from weathering, making it more resistant to water and insects.

Less than 20% of a teak tree is considered grade A, which makes it approximately 10 times more expensive than grades B and C.

Grade B
The outer section of the teak heartwood is known as grade B teak. This grain on this timber will not be as fine and the touch of this will not be as smooth as grade A.

The colour of this teak is lighter and it will not contain as much natural oil, giving it a slightly duller appearance. This timber is less expensive than Grade A and it is unable to withstand the exposure to the outdoor extremes without protective treatment.

Grade C
This is timber from the outer section of the tree, commonly known as sapwood. This timber is not as developed as the heartwood resulting in much reduced strength compared to Grade A and B, and this could cause it to split or warp easily. The colour of this timber will not be even and knots and flaws could be quite common.

This is the lowest quality of teak that you will find, and also the cheapest. A lot of the cheaper teak furniture is manufactured from this grade of time.

What is Lloyd Loom?

The Lloyd Loom process involves twisting paper ribbon around metal wire and then weaving these ribbons into fabric. The fabric is sealed and dried; creating a long-lasting, sturdy material. Our Lloyd Loom fabric is cut to size and attached to sturdy rattan frames, creating both classic and modern takes on furniture that has been adored by many since the early 20th century.

Although Lloyd Loom is made from paper, the finished product has very little resemblance to its base materials. Not only is Lloyd Loom furniture generally stronger than wicker, this manufactured fibre has a more even appearance and unlike cane furniture, Lloyd Loom does not have a tendency to split. The result is smooth, durable and well-built — ideal qualities for long lasting, luxury furniture.

What is Synthetic Wicker?

Dickson Avenue’s synthetic wicker furniture is made with the finest quality synthetic wicker, using cutting-edge German technology and is fade resistant, non-toxic, recyclable, and very low-maintenance. These products are also specifically designed for outdoor use, meaning they won’t shrink, stretch, or crack due to weather exposure.

During production, synthetic wicker furniture is continually tested for light resistance, colour quality and tensile strength. This tight quality control process provides the highest standard for the finished product.

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