Our Commitment to Service

Our Commitment to Service

When you make a purchase at Dickson Avenue, rest be assured that our service extends beyond your purchase. We commit ourselves to providing the best service available, which is why all of our indoor, outdoor, lounge, and garden furniture will be hand delivered, fully assembled, and ready for your immediate enjoyment.

We offer the services of an interior decorator to provide customised advice and to help achieve to perfect combination of texture and colour throughout the home. Decorative finishes, custom colouring and lime washing all serve to accomplish perfect colour matches in every setting.

While many of our products require little to no maintenance, our high-quality teak tables need a little love from time to time and we are always here to help. We can collect, polish, and protect your furniture – returning it as good as new.

In case to accidental damage to Lloyd Loom and synthetic wicker items, most pieces can be repaired either in your home or at our local warehouse. With basic care, Dickson Avenue furniture will truly last a lifetime!

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