Royal Motor Yacht Club

Set at the edge of the water and surrounded by mature bushland, the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Newport, NSW is an idyllic setting with gorgeous amenities. After hearing of Dickson Avenue’s durable outdoor furniture, The Club approached us with a brief to update the fittings across the terrace, which includes a brasserie and poolside pizzeria.

We were taken with the scenery of The Club and proposed an introduction of colour to mirror the surrounding water and sand. Our Salsa Armchairs offered an opportunity to bring in a variety of colours, from soft blues to earthy ecru. The armchairs have been tucked under Kingston Dining Tables, round, glass-topped solutions to accommodate the many large groups that the venue hoped to attract. Additional custom-made Canal tabling was built at a variety of sizes to act as both coffee tables aside Nordic Sectional sofas, and dining surfaces throughout the open-aired venue.

Of course, it’s not just the member club’s patrons who were enthusiastic about the new furnishings, staff at Royal Motor Yacht Club have found the synthetic wicker far easier to wipe clean and the solid bases of the tables no longer require constant leveling either.

The true testament to the Royal Motor Yacht Club project was the large increase in restaurant bookings for events from weddings to milestone birthdays and family reunions.

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